NorthVu NV20 PRO Indoor Digital TV Antenna

$ 59.99 CAD


The Northvu NV20 Pro indoor digital TV antenna delivers omni-directional reception of broadcast HDTV channels in an innovative package. Ultra-compact and elegant in design, this antenna complements any home entertainment environment. The NV20 Pro is ideal for customers who live in urban and suburban communities, such as college & university students, people in apartments and condos, urban and suburban households as well as snowbirds and retirees. It is the first commercially available indoor TV antenna to incorporate NorthVu's patent-pending fractal antenna system which provides for a smaller digital TV antenna without compromising performance. The NV20 performs better in multipath environments by allowing it to capture more TV signals than many other indoor TV antennas. With no assembly required, the NV20 Pro is easy to set up and connects to HDTVs, digital converters/set top boxes (STB), satellite TV box or computers with a TV tuner.

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