Channel Master 4228HD 8-bay Antenna

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The CM-4228HD digital HDTV antenna will receive both digital TV and HDTV programming. This HD television antennas reception range is +75 miles. The 4228HD is one of our most popular antennas as its UHF reception is top of the line, its design is compact and this strong UHF antenna has high band VHF capabilities.  


Reception Range: Channels : Up to +75 miles
• Picks up UHF, High VHF and HD


• Antenna Size: 5.5 x 41 x 33 in


• Easy installation


• 75 Ohm PC balun built into antenna



• Easily mounts to a traditional antenna mast
• Superior average UHF gain: 12 dB
Coaxial Cable sold separately
Antenna Mounts and Masts sold separately

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